“There is nothing like a plate of food that tastes like home” 

Eating at home is always something that has a unique taste, perhaps because it reminds you of our childhood and when our mother cared for us.   

Founded in 2008, Colombiantojos is a family business. 128,000 km away from Colombia, with a manual grinder of maize, with the eagerness to learn and with that curiosity that characterizes him, Jorge Arbelaez made the first arepas and empanadas in Melbourne Australia .

At the beginning there were only friends that came along to share the food for special events, but then, the Spanish Festival came; that was the opportunity to gather  with the Colombian community and share with them our traditional Colombian cuisine. Empanadas, arepas and salpicon were sold at the festival, surprising not only Colombians but also multicultural background customers. As a result Jorge Arbelaez, its founder, had the vision of keep doing what he was doing for fun and make it a profitable business.


“To get the Arepa to be well known in the world as a burger, a taco or a sushi”.

“To fulfill the need for latin food to the Colombian communitity”.


“To consolidate the latin cuisine within Australians and other nationalities through Festivals”


Colombiantojos is a fast food business concept, which has different fronts of operations. We are dedicated to serving traditional latin american food in Festivals around Australia but mainly focused in Victoria. We sell our products at retail point of sales and finally we offer our catering services for companies and private events.

Our aim is to keep the flavor of our products as traditional as possible so our clients can experience the taste of our latin roots. Our food is made of 85% of local products and we are now developing a menu that is in line with all the newest health trends considering vegetarian and vegan options.


Colombiantojos trade in gastronomic festivals around the year having the Queen Victoria Market as the main point of sale occupying almost the whole year of our operation. We run the summer night Victoria Market, which usually trades from November to March and the Winter night market from May to September. Additionally, we serve our food in about 15 more festivals spread around the year including (Pako Festa Geelong, Coburg Market, St Kilda Festival, Spanish Festa, among others).

We provide our products to around 17 retail shops around Victoria and Sydney including IGA in Altona, Altona North, Pascoe Vale,  Casa Iberica in Fitzroy, Footscray Market, Foodworks etc.. 

And finally, we offer catering services for different purposes such as Christmas and New year parties, weddings, Birthdays parties and so on. We are proud that our products are unique and fit every occasion.